Ruby Weekly
Issue 322 — November 3, 2016
Tom Van Eyck
DTrace is a tracing framework for instrumenting app and system internals. This detailed and technical tutorial shows how to use it on OS X to monitor mutexes in Ruby code.

Mohit Natoo
This will be handy. For example, 1,2,3.sum == 6 - but concatenation of strings and arrays is also performed where appropriate.

Chris Kottom
WebMock integrates with all the major testing frameworks and makes it easy to stub and set expectations on HTTP requests made during testing.

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Daniel P. Clark
“The more quality you provide with all of your published gems, the more likely people will trust you and your code.”

Tom Dalling
A tour through FizzBuzz implementations, including functional programming, enumerators, and a hard lesson.

Michael Kohl
Crystal is a language that feels a lot like Ruby in terms of syntax, while compiling to fast and efficient code via LLVM.


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