Ruby Weekly
Issue 323 — November 10, 2016
At RubyKaigi, Jonan Scheffler caught up with three of Ruby’s biggest names to talk about Ruby 3x3 and Ruby’s path to significantly improved performance.
More progress towards a final release of 2.4 at Christmas, as per tradition, including hash table improvements and binding.irb.

Daniel Upton
By implementing UDP in Ruby, you’ll learn about sockets, datagrams, bit-twiddling and more.

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Josh Haberman
A C-heavy look into how native extensions manage memory and garbage collection, specifically with MRI’s C API.

Leigh Halliday
Examples of both pub/sub and RPC-like communication between services using RabbitMQ.

Alex Egg
A two-part series (part two) that includes continuous deployment to Google Cloud Engine.

Viktoria Kotsurenko explains seven useful design patterns and how they can be applied to MVC components in Rails to make your app more maintainable.

Andrew Hao
Move your Rails ‘monolith’ to a more Domain-Driven architecture with Subdomains and Bounded Contexts.


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