Ruby Weekly
Issue 331 — January 12, 2017
Jonan Scheffler
An in-depth dive into what’s new, including a very detailed look at the impressive Hash improvements.

Derek Haynes
Is Rails 5 gaining ground? What database are Rails developers using? These answers and more in Scout’s annual data analysis.

Parth Modi
A walk through the process of creating a simple API with Swagger-based documentation.

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Stack Overflow
The answer goes into some depth and the way Ruby implements ‘sum’ isn’t quite as I’d expected.

Fred Heath
A look at intransitive, mono-transitive and multi-transitive associations.

Iago Moreira
The first of a series comparing making a Todo list in Rails and Hanami, an alternative modern Ruby Web framework.

Jim Gay
Jim looks at making decisions about background processing without rearranging your code.


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