Ruby Weekly
Issue 332 — January 19, 2017
Marko Ćilimković
“Is Ruby dead?” asks Marko, and the answer is no. While the number of new projects is going down, downloads are stable or growing.

Phusion Blog
Passenger 5 has had a huge impact on serving up Ruby webapps to the world. 5.1 introduces protection from response body processing crashes, daily security check updates, increased concurrency, and a lot more.

Chris Seaton
A detailed update of where Truffle+JRuby (a fast, dynamically compiled Ruby implementation) is and its future as TruffleRuby. Soon, Truffle hopes to handle C extensions and potentially not even require a JVM.

ROLLBAR  Sponsored
Rollbar detects and alerts you when code breaks in production. Get the stack trace, code, data to help you d̶e̶b̶u̶g̶ defeat Ruby errors.


Patrick Bacon
One-liners can be piped into the ‘heroku run console’ command, but what about longer scripts you want to execute in a remote Heroku environment?

Starr Horne
You may have never used Ruby’s triple-equals operator. But understanding it is key to unlocking the hidden power of ‘case’, ‘rescue’ and other Ruby features.

Heidar Bernhardsson
Capybara is an acceptance test framework for webapps. Learn how to use it with Minitest for integration testing of your Rails apps.

Jim Gay
Jim looks at making decisions about background processing without rearranging your code.

Kacper Walanus
The story of a massive bug in a common Ruby encryption gem (aes), how it happened, and what’s being done about it.


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