Ruby Weekly
Issue 343 — April 6, 2017

It's with great sadness I dedicate this issue to Jason Seifer, a popular member of the Ruby community who died last weekend. You may have known him as a Ruby trainer, as DJ Ango, from his famed 2007 'Rails vs' videos, or from the many podcasts he did. He'll be missed.
- Peter Cooper

Luca Guidi
A major milestone for an increasingly popular framework. Opinionated like Rails, it takes a more minimal approach in enforcing modularity, avoiding monkey-patching, and the use of POROs.

Jack Singleton
An in-depth look at the vulnerabilities thrown up by session secrets and how easy bad session secrets are to crack. Sinatra and Rack are used to illustrate the concepts involved.

Noah Gibbs
Noah continues his series on Rails benchmarking, this time increasing the number of processes. Turns out, more than one makes a lot of sense for big performance gains.

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Heidar Bernhardsson
Better acceptance tests are always welcome. These tips cover scoping your element searches, testing pages that run JavaScript, and more.

Generates models, controllers, and views for your app that inherit from its core classes, making it easy to customize and integrate.

Gregg Pollack
10 years ago Jason Seifer and Gregg Pollack filmed a series of humorous Apple-inspired ‘Rails vs’ videos. We will miss you, Jason.


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