Ruby Weekly
Issue 350 — May 25, 2017
John Backus
Pry is a powerful debugging tool/IRB alternative but if you haven’t made it past binding.pry, these tips should prove beneficial.

Chris Salzberg
The Module Builder Pattern is a metaprogramming technique that is used by many popular gems and is explained here in excellent detail.

John Backus
A technique for not only writing better code but also better tests. This is a good ‘from scratch’ intro to some handy techniques. 36 minutes.

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Rails 5.1 moved away from using jQuery by default, but what does it take to move away to vanilla JS entirely? A 17 minute guide.

A step-by-step look at creating a Rails API from scratch using GraphQL, an alternative to REST where clients send specially formatted queries for the data they want.

Samuel Giddins
Up to a half a second faster than before, on every bundle exec, Bundler.require, etc. 4 new commands too: info, issue, add, and pristine.

Justin Gordon
WebPacker Lite only provides asset helpers for working with ‘webpacked’ assets. This post explains why React on Rails prefers this approach.

Sergey Pchelintsev
If you’ve got a project with lots of migrations, boiling them down will help future migrations progress more quickly.


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