Ruby Weekly
Issue 351 — June 1, 2017
Alex Castaño
Even though splats (and double splats) in Ruby are common, there are some complex edge cases that can be misleading.

Leigh Halliday and Marian Serna
An exploration of different ways to bring React into your new or existing Rails apps.

Nate Berkopec
A high-level summary of various performance talks and panels from RailsConf 2017 and their practical impact.

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Jim Gay
It’s tough to balance dependencies against immediate productivity and often tougher to keep dependency versions up-to-date.

Kevin Menard
A detailed post showing how the TruffleRuby team measures and improves performance with tracing and by graphing compilation calls.

Tina Wuest
A long post starting with functional basics, like functors and monads, and ending with a full-Ruby implementation of lazy I/O classes.


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