Ruby Weekly
Issue 352 — June 8, 2017
Pedro Cavalheiro
Using Docker and Ruby, learn how to build your own deployment solution similar to Heroku without the need to use any specific cloud provider.

Standard Gems
Ruby’s standard library is gradually being ‘gemified’ for the forthcoming Ruby 2.5. Read this to know how they will be organized.

AppSignal Blog
The last in a series on currency in Ruby looks at event loops using fibers to build a chat server.

Redisgreen  Sponsored
See inside your database with large key detection, memory mapping, auto-scaling and more from RedisGreen.


Gerald Bauer
2.0 adds support for HTML with microformats (e.g. h-entry/h-feed). It also supports RSS, Atom, and JSON Feed.

Rubyroid Labs
The prolific Ruby and Rails core team member discusses Rack, WebAssembly, and handling Ruby security issues at GitHub. Audio and write-up.

Frank Quednau
Inspired by a tweet proclaiming Ruby’s simplicity, here is how some other languages would implement each_cons.


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