Ruby Weekly
Issue 372 — October 26, 2017
RubyMine Blog
Bundler is now bundled with the standard library, backtraces are experimentally shown in reverse order, and more.

Mike Perham
Built by the creator of the successful Sidekiq background processing framework, Faktory aims to be more language agnostic, among other things. It has an official Ruby client, naturally.

Codeship  Sponsored
Codeship ahead of IBM, AWS, Atlassian, and more. To be considered for Forrester’s report, companies needed to have a comprehensive CI product with a strong vision, more than 25 paying enterprise companies, and a strong product vision.


The popular library for defining objects during testing has renamed. This will require some changes if you want to keep using new versions.

Daniel P. Clark
Configuration layers and the methods for their storage can vary greatly. Here’s how to implement configuration objects in Ruby.

Arkency Blog
A subtle mind shift that serves as another approach to making your tests resilient and complete.

Tom Dalling
If you reach for mocks when needing to stub out methods on objects under test, a hand-written test double may be a much better fit.


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