Ruby Weekly
Issue 385 — February 8, 2018
Noah Gibbs
A new benchmark on the heels of an important performance patch applied after Ruby 2.5.0preview1 shows a nice gain over previous benchmarks.

John Hawthorn
MJIT (which stands for MRI or Method JIT) may form a key part of Ruby 3’s goal to be 3x faster than Ruby 2. An initial version of MJIT has been merged into a fork of the Ruby trunk, leading this author to start running some promising benchmarks.

Sam Saffron
Or “How we instrument Rails at Discourse and how you can, too.”

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The Ruby Toolbox
Thanks to funding from Ruby Together, a formerly popular site for finding and categorizing Ruby libraries and tools is back.

Noah Gibbs
How does Ruby store objects in memory, work out where it stored those objects, and how can you look at what’s going on under the covers?

Thibaut Barrère
A GitHub thread on getting started playing with TruffleRuby, an alternative high performance Ruby implementation.

Julia Evans
It’s fun watching this project progress and this week brings Mac support for Julia’s nascent sampling CPU profiler for Ruby. (Side note: We love frequent blogs about building tools - let us know if you’re doing the same.)


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