Ruby Weekly
Issue 386 — February 15, 2018
Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson
An in-depth explanation of a patch to Ruby that both reduces memory and speeds up performance (with require going 35% faster).

The creator of Rails jumps back into screencasting with a look at how he works on Basecamp. There’s also a second episode where he looks at using callbacks to manage complexity.

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Bradley Price
Faktory, created by Sidekiq’s Mike Perham, is a new approach to running background jobs. This tutorial covers using it with Rails and deploying it to AWS’s new container deployment service.

Noah Gibbs
Continuing this week’s posts on memory, a benchmark between different memory allocators.

Alessandro Rodi
A migration guide for moving from Rails 5.1 with Sprockets to the new Wepbacker 3.0.

Neven Rakonić
It’s no secret the Ruby ecosystem isn’t growing aggressively, but things continue to tick along nicely and “2017 was a good year for Ruby.”


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