Ruby Weekly
Issue 387 — February 22, 2018
Dave Thomas
Rubyists have been leaving messages for Ruby 25th anniversary, being celebrated at an event in Japan this weekend. There’s also an entire hashtag, #ruby25th, on Twitter packed with messages including from folks like Aaron Patterson, DHH and Chad Fowler.

We’ve linked to some articles about the promising new ‘MJIT’ compiler recently, but here’s an update directly from the engineer working on it along with some history and benchmarks.

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Benoit Daloze
TruffleRuby is a high performance Ruby implementation built on GraalVM and this post pits it against 2 other JIT-equipped Ruby implementations. (And the bit about ‘On-Stack-Replacement’ is interesting in its own right.)

Sam Saffron
“It is very likely your Rails application is full of duplicate strings, here are some tricks you can use to get rid of them.”

2.7.6 has been released to tackle several security issues. Time to gem update --system.

Igor Kasyanchuk
Get a picture of how fast (and how often) your views are rendering.


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