Ruby Weekly
Issue 388 — March 1, 2018
Yui Naruse
Always exciting to see a preview release of a new version of Ruby, especially since 2.6 introduces an initial implementation of the performance-boosting MJIT compiler that we’ve mentioned a few times recently.

Mike Perham
Mike Perham of Sidekiq fame explains how freezing your strings can help performance quite a bit and how Ruby 2.3+ can help make this easier.

Codeship  Sponsored
In the race of container orchestrators, Kubernetes is surging ahead. However, people are often stuck on the step of getting their infrastructure to production. Get an overview of Managed Kubernetes Platforms and their basic features.


Martian Chronicles
A clean way to easily duplicate models that pulls the good bits from several other gems.

Paweł Dabrowski
Create describe, it, expect, and other RSpec-like methods in your own mini DSL.

RubyGems Blog
Won’t affect many but worth knowing, especially if you have any servers with old versions of Ruby and OpenSSL running (e.g. Ruby 1.9 on Ubuntu 12.04 or something).


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