Ruby Weekly
Issue 389 — March 8, 2018
Eliav Lavi
Using Ruby’s various Module lifecycle hooks, Timeasure ends up with a nice, clean interface for tracking methods. Homepage and live demo here.

Sundeep Agarwal
Ruby isn’t just for building webapps, y’know. It’s an amazing swiss army knife for anyone at the command line and these examples could help you out with a lot of menial tasks.

GoCD  Sponsored
Managing build versions is one of the key considerations for designing good CD pipelines. This blog uses a simple web service as an example to show you how to do that in GoCD.


Vishal Telangre
You may have noticed error messages in Ruby 2.5 are presented differently to before.. but it’s only if STDERR is a TTY.

Planet Argon
The 5th time Planet Argon has run this popular survey. Consider taking it as the results, such as these from 2016, always make for interesting reading.

Chris Frank
Handles sanitizing and filtering on your behalf.

Jesus Castello
A very basic intro to solving optimization problems using concepts like survival of the fittest and adaptation with genetic algorithms.


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