Ruby Weekly
Issue 390 — March 15, 2018
Olivier Lacan
If you’ve ever seen a notice like “Bundler attempted to update nokogiri but its version stayed the same” and struggled to work out why, this interesting dig into Bundler is a worthwhile read.

Satoshi Tagomori
An proof-of-concept Ruby implementation of Go’s defer, a way to ensure certain things occur upon the conclusion of a method (such as closing files).

Our out-source DevOps solution keeps your app updated and running. Pre-baked blue/green deployments mean you’re always able to push updates, 24/7 support means we wear the pagers.


Serverless Ruby
An online petition to drum up support for Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) providers to add Ruby as a supported language. Psst.. we have a serverless newsletter as well :-)

A practical example of using a new Ruby 2.5 feature to refactor complex relationships and conditions in Rails.

Nick Gorbikoff
Uses to show the commit graph of Ruby over the past 25 years.

Saverio Miroddi
It’s not often written about but building graphical apps in Ruby is a thing, and here’s a comparison of the most popular approaches.


In brief