#398 — May 10, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

New Constant Naming Rules Coming to Ruby 2.6+ — Historically, you’ve needed to use an upper case ASCII capital letter as the first character of constant names (including classes and modules). In Ruby 2.6, you get 1000+ options thanks to this patch. (Note: It’s not supported in Ruby 2.6 preview 1, but should appear in the next preview.)

Shannon Skipper

Caching in Rails 5.2 — A preview chapter from the author’s new book that runs through the various ways to cache in Rails, including a reach back to page caching.

Stefan Wintermeyer

Manifold Is the Marketplace for Independent Developer Services — Find, organize, and connect the best cloud services for your application.

Manifold sponsor

▶  Exploding Rails — A specially recorded 40 minute video based upon a talk given by Ryan about breaking apart Rails apps into more easily managed chunks (and, importantly, why to do so).

Ryan Bigg

First Steps with Sinatra as a Rails Developer — A two part guide (part 2 here) on how to work with the Sinatra library and add extra features.

Grzegorz Unijewski

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Rails Ruby Bench and Sleepy GC — A more accessible writeup of an issue we linked last week about dealing with improving garbage collection during idle cycles instead of waiting for one big GC.

Noah Gibbs

▶  How to Migrate from Paperclip to Rails ActiveStorage — The Paperclip gem has been deprecated and ActiveStorage is the newest approach. Here’s how to get from the old to the new. Prefer a writeup? Try this.

Go Rails

Passenger 5.3.0 Released — The popular app server now uses Nginx 1.14, has Ubuntu 18.04 packages, and an improved error page.


git-vanity-sha: Find 'Vanity' Hex Prefixes for Your Git Commit SHAs — This is just a bit of fun but a neat use for a quick Ruby script.

Matt Baker

💻 Jobs

Lead Full Stack Engineer — We're a fashion startup growing at break-neck speed looking for a Ruby and Elixir star to lead our stellar dev team.


Ruby Developer for Cloud Security Service — Looking for a talented Mid/Senior Ruby developer with strong web security knowledge and experience.

Cisco Systems

Ruby Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top companies use Vettery to find the best tech talent. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

idiosyncratic_eval: A Look at All the Evals — eval, class_eval, instance_eval all act differently depending on the current context.

Idiosyncratic Ruby

Rails Frontend Testing with JavaScript Insights — This post mentions the new system tests in Rails 5 and covers some approaches to avoiding time-killing gotchas with Turbolinks and Spring.

Daniel P. Clark

Serverless Ruby with Docker and Apache OpenWhisk — The example uses a Dockerized Sinatra application deployed to IBM Cloud’s OpenWhisk-backed Cloud Functions to execute Docker actions.

Justin Halsall

Free eBook: Rails Testing Handbook — Tired of fragile code? Read this hands-on book and learn how to build better Rails apps with confidence.

Semaphore sponsor

Sending Email with Amazon SES from Rails on EC2

Dan Croak

How to Increase Reliability of Background Job Processing with Sidekiq Pro's 'super_fetch'

Vishal Telangre

Rails 5.2 Sets Ruby Version in Gemfile & Adds .ruby-version File by Default

Mohit Natoo

🎥 Videos & Talks

Unix-Style Rails Development with Windows 10 — Demonstrates installing and running Ruby from bash running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Drifting Ruby

Let's Build a Dribbble Clone with Rails — About three hours of video in all.

Andy Leverenz

My Rails Workflow, Productivity Tips and Tools — It’s always a learning experience to see how another developer works. Pawel combines free and paid tools, zsh plugins, and shell scripts in a very interesting workflow.

Paweł Urbanek

🔧 Code & Tools

One-Click Install and Deploy Ruby on Rails in 55 Seconds

DigitalOcean sponsor

Shrine: A File Attachment Toolkit for Ruby Applications — Shrine offers a plugin framework, integration with popular ORMs, flexible processing of images, resumable uploads, and more.


Asciidoctor: A Fast AsciiDoc Text Processor and Publishing Toolchain — Convert AsciiDoc content to HTML5, DocBook and other formats.


Rodauth: Auth and Account Management Framework for Rack Apps

Jeremy Evans