#400 — May 24, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Actionable Tips to Improve Web Performance with Rails — Based on a talk from Wroclove.rb, the tools and tricks listed here will result in better Rails and general Web performance.

Radek Markiewicz

▶  The Future of Rails 6: Scalable by Default — Is Rails ‘Fisher Price infrastructure’ or can it scale? It can, but it’s not as easy as it should be yet. This talk looks at efforts being made to make Rails 6 the most scalable version ever.

Eileen Uchitelle

Ultra-fast Hosting for Ruby Apps with Predictable Pricing — Spin up Ruby cloud servers with industry leading price-performance and predictable costs. Try DigitalOcean with a $100 credit.

DigitalOcean sponsor

Pagy: The 'Ultimate' Pagination Ruby Gem — Works with all Rack-based frameworks, is storage/ORM agnostic, and boasts that it outperforms other similar libraries in benchmarks.

Domizio Demichelis

▶  The RailsConf 2018 Closing Keynote by Aaron Patterson — Videos from RailsConf 2018 are continuing to be released. We linked DHH’s opening keynote last week but now you can enjoy Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson as he covers making Ruby faster, Unicode whitespace, tuning Ruby’s GC, and more. (Note: Technical content starts around 10 minutes in.)


Building an API Client Using the Builder Pattern — Using immutability and a fluent interface can lead to an expressive API that is a joy to use.

Eliav Lavi

The Performance Impact of Removing OOBGC at GitHub“Until last week, GitHub used an Out of Band Garbage Collector in production. Since removing it, we decreased CPU time across our production machines by 10%.”

Aaron Patterson

Ryan Davis on Asking for Help for Contributing to Ruby — Ryan formed Seattle.rb, created minitest, ruby_parser, hoe, and more, and is exploring the idea of being supported in his efforts via Patreon.

Ryan Davis

RubyGems 2.7.7 Released — It’s a very minor bugfix release.

RubyGems Blog

The Moment Ruby Became 'Ruby' — A chat log from 25 years ago reveals all.

Hiroshi Sugihara

▶  Use Beautiful Binary Literals in Ruby — Avdi has made this (very first) episode of his Ruby Tapas series free.

Avdi Grimm

Do We Need Dependency Injection in Ruby? — By way of a simple example.

Kevin Baribeau

💻 Jobs

Lead Full Stack Engineer — We're a fashion startup growing at break-neck speed looking for a Ruby and Elixir star to lead our stellar dev team.


Full Stack Engineer - Build Software That Save Lives — Build software that makes police responses safer to 911 calls for those experiencing mental health issues, chemical dependencies, and homelessness.


Ruby Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top companies use Vettery to find the best tech talent. Take a few minutes to join our platform.


📘 Tutorials

Ruby 2.5 Added Lazy Proc Allocation for Block Parameters — This can mean faster performance with less memory.

BigBinary Blog

Separating Data and Code in Rails Architecture — The importance of stateless code grows in importance compared to object-oriented principles as an application gets larger.

Root Engineering

Securing Dependencies for Rails 5.2 Active Storage — How Heroku vetted the FFmpeg package by considering project response to issues and the ability to roll their own static binary.


eBook: Efficient Project Management for Small Engineering Teams

Codeship sponsor

Feature Tests vs. Integration Tests vs. Unit Tests — A high-level Rails-centric explanation.

Cezar Halmagean

▶  Realtime SSH Logs with ActionCable — Streaming realtime progress to the browser is easy with ActionCable.


Monitoring SSL Certificate Expiry with Ruby — A little Ruby script to monitor sites and send notifications for expiring SSL certs.


🔧 Code & Tools

Introducing Stealth, a Framework for Conversational Voice and Chatbots — Stealth pulls in many concepts from Rails and is deployable anywhere.

Black Ops

Real-Time Ruby Performance Metrics and Request Traces — Get full-stack monitoring and alerting for Ruby apps and 200+ infrastructure integrations. Try Datadog free.

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Rails DB: Rails Database Viewer and SQL Query Runner

Igor Kasyanchuk

SimpleForm: Forms Made Easy for Rails — Aims for flexibility so you can lay out a form exactly as you like. Uses a DSL inherited from Formtastic.


RoleCore: A Rails Engine Providing Role-Based Access Control — Formerly known as rbac_core

Rails Engine