#417 — September 20, 2018

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A Future for Serverless Ruby?

A Future for Serverless Ruby? — Ruby has been a long overlooked language when it comes to serverless but OpenWhisk, an open source serverless system, has now added native support. FaaStRuby is another interesting experiment in the serverless Ruby world right now, too.

Justin Halsall

RubyMe: A Paid Mentorship Program for Early-Career Ruby Developers — If you’re accepted, you’ll get paid for 8 hours of Ruby related community work (documentation, design, testing, etc.) and be mentored through the process.

Ruby Together

Real-Time Production Error Monitoring for Ruby Apps — Rollbar automatically tracks all errors in your Ruby apps and gives you the data & context to debug them fast. Works with Rails, Sinatra, and more. Get unlimited errors during your free trial.

ROLLBAR sponsor

3 Ways to Make Your Ruby Object Thread-Safe — The basic choices are: Don’t have any state or protect that state with concurrency patterns.

Robert Pankowecki

Ruby Together's August Update — Ruby Together is a community-funded organization that helps develop and fund development on tools like Bundler and RubyGems. A few interesting tidbits this month as RT undergoes a reorg, seeks nominations for board members, and work is set to continue on Ruby Toolbox.

Ruby Together

Can Passenger Drop RHEL6, Debian 7 and Ruby 1.8 Support? — Supporting old distros are slowing down Phusion’s development process on Passenger, the popular webapp server. If you feel strongly either way, leave a comment here. Phusion are also thinking of moving Passenger from C++ to Go, if that interests you.

Hongli Lai (Phusion)

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💻 Jobs

World-Saving Full-Stack Engineer That Loves Ruby (Boulder or Denver, CO) — Join an exclusively senior engineering team that is solving the greatest challenge of our generation: climate change.


Ruby Developer (full time) - The Hague, The Netherlands — Experienced and looking for a new challenge? Digidentity is looking for a Ruby Dev to join the team immediately.


Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking Ruby devs.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Authentication from Scratch with Rails 5.2 — If you don’t want to disappear down the Devise rabbit hole, you could roll your own simple authentication system, as demonstrated here.

Stefan Wintermeyer

How to Use Bundler with Docker — A quick tip on how to handle some edge cases with Bundler and Docker images.

Stephanie Morillo, Brandon Robins, and André Arko

Testing CSV Files in Rails (On The Fly) — An alternative to fixtures you may or may not prefer.

Pat Walls

Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Ruby Apps — Analyze application traces, set sophisticated alerts, and resolve performance issues. Start a free trial.

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▶  Discussing Deploying Rails using HAProxy Ingress and Unicorn/Puma — An hour long chat touching on lots of deployment related topics from WebSockets to Kubernetes and Heroku to Ansible.

Ruby Rogues podcast

Quick Tip: Reactoring with the Template Pattern — Another article in a nice series on design patterns.

Cleiviane Costa

Using Active Record's 'pluck' Can Save a Bunch of Memory

Andy Croll

🔧 Code & Tools

Sublime Merge: A New Git Client from the Makers of Sublime Text

Sublime HQ Pty Ltd.

Introducing Priora: An Object Prioritization Utility Gem — Priora (Github) is useful if you have somewhat complex or multiple needs for sorting a collection of objects.

Eliav Lavi

Sequent: A CQRS and Event Sourcing Framework for Ruby — Sequent is web framework agnostic, so you can get your DDD-powered app off the ground quick and easy.

Zilverline B.V.

Build, Deploy, and Scale Apps on the Developer-Friendly Cloud Platform

DigitalOcean sponsor

Mongoid: Ruby ODM Framework for MongoDB — Release 7.0.2 has just come out.


Dante Stories: A Medium-like Platform Built on Rails — Thankfully, this does not include the annoying paywall.

Miguel Michelson Martinez