#418 — September 27, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Making a Ruby Executable with ruby-packer — If you need to distribute your Ruby gem as a single (albeit, large) executable, ruby-packer is one way to go.

Josef Strzibny

Awesome Ruby: Curated List of Ruby Libraries and Tools — It’s been a year since we’ve linked to this epic, categorized collection of Ruby greatness, and it continues to be updated several times a month with new entries added and obsolete entries removed.

Marc Anguera Insa

Burn Your Logs — Use Sentry's open source error tracking to get to the root cause of issues. Setup only takes 5 minutes.

Sentry sponsor

Rpush: A Push Notification Service for Ruby — A long standing project, but now with Rails 5.2 support. Rpush supports numerous push notification services including those from Apple, Firebase, and Amazon.

Ian Leitch

has-many-with-set: Another Option for AR Many-to-Many Relationships — You’ve already got has_and_belongs_to_many and has_many :through - this gem provides has_many_with_set, which is similar to HABTM in functionality but takes a more efficient approach in terms of data size.

Francisco Soto

Creating a Minimal Sinatra App For Hosting Test Files on Heroku — Sinatra excels at being that tool you reach for when you need something quick and dependable.

Arpit Chauhan

💻 Jobs

Principal Software Engineer - Edinburgh or Remote (UK) — Running on Rails since 2006, FreeAgent are hiring experienced Rubyists to lead architectural design, refactoring, and mentoring.


World-Saving Full-Stack Engineer That Loves Ruby (Boulder or Denver, CO) — Join an exclusively senior engineering team that is solving the greatest challenge of our generation: climate change.


Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking Ruby devs.


📘 Tutorials

#to_s or #to_str? Explicitly Casting vs. Implicitly Coercing Types — A look at the difference between explicit casting and implicit coercing in Ruby.

Tom de Bruijn

Using Parametrized Containers for Deploying Rails Microservices on Kubernetes

Rahul Mahale

5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Join Us for SIGNAL on Oct 17 & 18 — TL;DR - Learn from Twilio's devs, to do good, see Jeffiel livecode, don't like conference parties, OK Go

twilio sponsor

Aliasing in Ruby — I can never remember the difference between alias and alias_method, so I’ve bookmarked this article for future confused me.

Mehdi Farsi

A Look at RubyMine's I18n Features

Artem Sarkisov (JetBrains)

Quick Tip: Debugging Ruby in VS Code — Using the built-in VS Code debugger for Ruby/Rails development.

Dāvis Namsons

▶  Discussing Ruby GUI Development with Saverio Miroddi — A 30 minute discussion on a topic not commonly covered in the Ruby world - building GUI apps.

Ruby Rogues podcast

🔧 Code & Tools

Remote Bootstrap Modal: A Rails Engine to Load Remote Links into a Bootstrap Modal — Handy if you want to just render views server side but have them appear in browser as modals, as if the user were in a single page app.

Glauco Custódio

Prawn::Markup: Use Simple HTML Markup in Your Prawn-Generated PDFs — Perhaps to include WYSIWYG-generated HTML sections into server-generated PDFs.

Puzzle ITC

"It's Like Getting an Extra Team Member Who Helps You with Gem Updates"

Depfu sponsor

Strong Migrations: Catch Unsafe Migrations at Dev Time — It detects potentially dangerous operations in migrations and prevents them running by default.

Andrew Kane

TTY::ProgressBar: Flexible Progress Bar Drawing for Terminals

Piotr Murach

wkhtmltoimage-binary: A Gem for Easier Access to wkhtmltoimagewkhtmltoimage is a tool to convert HTML to images. Linux and macOS only.

Nicholas Klick