#480 — December 12, 2019

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Ruby Weekly

▶  Fixing Real World Ruby Performance and Memory Problems — A dense 30 minute RubyConf talk that digs into two real world stories of resolving performance problems and memory leaks using rbtrace, ruby-prof, stackprof, and other tools and techniques. You will learn things here!

Frederick Cheung

Ruby Concurrency Progress Report — The results of a discussion with Matz and Koichi about concurrency in Ruby 3. I am not sure any of it is binding (yet), but it’s interesting to hear which topics and approaches made the list.

Samuel Williams

The Easiest Way to Run Redis — Better monitoring, seamless scaling, durable and portable Redis hosting supporting all the latest features.

RedisGreen sponsor

JIT and Ruby's MJIT — An excellent explanation of what JIT is, what Ruby’s MJIT is, where it helps, where it hurts, and how you can use it.

Noah Gibbs

Ruby, Where Do We Go Now? — The author of RuboCop goes through recent additions, rejections, and reversions of features in Ruby in what is a bit rantish but comes from a well-informed place.

Bozhidar Batsov

An Epic Collection of Ruby One Liners — This was a popular item last year, but I wanted to feature it again as recently I’ve really been enjoying using Ruby as a ‘swiss army knife’ for all sorts of tasks, and these examples are helpful.

Sundeep Agarwal

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Developer (UK, Hampshire, On-Site) — Write great code for a product you can feel good about every day. Join our small team, in an amazing country manor house office.

Rocksteady Music School

Backend Engineer (Stockholm) — Join an interactive presentation service, Stockholm based, product-first, gender-equal, inclusive and profitable startup with customers from over 150 countries


Find a Job Through Vettery — Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers. Vettery is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Decimating Deprecated Finders — If you’ve been sitting on upgrades of your Rails 5 (and earlier) apps and you have a bunch of old-style finders, then maybe Synvert can help with all its parser-y goodness.


Nested API Parameter Validation in Rails with ActiveModel::Validations — This is much easier to understand than some previous approaches (PRMD, pliny, etc.) especially if your use case is simple.

Kalina Tech

Automate and Standardize Ruby Code Reviews — Set and enforce standards on coverage, duplication, complexity, style issues and security directly from your Git workflow.

Codacy sponsor

Working Around ActiveRecord Callbacks — A pragmatic strategy for getting things done when excessive ActiveRecord callbacks get in your way.

Jared Norman

Rails 6 Adds Ability to Block Writes to A Database — Seems like one of those features that sounds useful but should be handled with much care.

Saeloun Blog

The Case for Stabby Lambda Notation — The conciseness and pictorial nature of -> encourage the use of lambdas, and in my opinion, that is a Good Thing.

Keith Bennett

How to Set Up an AWS RDS Database for Rails — The latest in a series of posts about deploying a Rails app on AWS.

Jason Swett

▶  Discussing Solidus with Alessandro DesantisSolidus is an open source e-commerce system built with Rails.

Ruby Rogues Podcast podcast

Behind The Scenes of GitHub's Vulnerability Alerts — Learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes with GitHub’s vulnerability alerts.

Justin Hutchings

🛠 Code and Tools

Win32::Screenshot: Capture Screenshots on Windows from Ruby — It uses FFI to directly call the relevant functions in the Windows GDI system.

Jarmo Pertman

Godmin 2.0: An Admin Framework for Rails 4 — Use this to build dedicated admin sections for apps or for stand alone admin apps such as internal tools. Basic demo here.


The Art of PostgreSQL: A Book to Learn How to Best Use SQL from Your Ruby App

The Art of PostgreSQL sponsor

Torch-rb: Deep Learning for Ruby, Powered by LibTorch — LibTorch is a machine learning framework.

Andrew Kane

rack-mini-profiler: Profiler for Your Rack Apps in Dev or Production

Sam Saffron et al.

Opal 1.0.1: The Ruby to JavaScript Compiler — It’s only a patch level release but we haven’t linked Opal for a while. (Psst.. I’d really love to see some articles about using Opal in production.)

Elia Schito

Snabberb: A Simple Component View Framework for Opal — If you want to create reactive views for the front-end.. but in Ruby!

Toby Mao