#​550 — April 29, 2021

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Ruby Weekly

The Best Ruby HTTP Clients for 2021? — A ‘dad jokes’-powered roundup of various ways to making HTTP requests (that go beyond the simple URI.open approach) including Faraday, Net::HTTP, and my personal favorite, http.rb.

Sylwia Vargas

(Some of) What's Cooking in Rails 7 — I expect these Rails 7 posts to increase in frequency and we're going to read them all. :-)

Jason Dinsmore

ButterCMS Melts into Your Rails App. #1 Rated Headless CMS — ButterCMS is the #1 rated Headless CMS for Rails. Let your marketing team blog, create landing pages and more w/ our easy to use dashboard. Fast content API for modern apps. Secure. Scalable. Less Code. Try free today for 30 days.

ButterCMS sponsor

Building a Component Library in Rails with Storybook — Storybook, a “UI component explorer”, was once restricted to React and other frontend frameworks, but here’s how to use it with Rails and View Components.

Nicolas Goutay

Basecamp's Employee Speech Policy Controversy — It’s our job to keep a record of what’s going on in the Ruby and Rails world so when something big happens in an adjacent space, we make a note too. Basecamp, the company from where Rails originally blossomed, recently enacted some controversial policies seen by many as curtailing the rights of its employees, many of who were disappointed in the change (to put it mildly). As Rails’ figurehead, DHH’s response to the incident has encouraged some on Twitter to call the management of Rails itself into question – so these are conversations you may encounter in the coming weeks and want to be aware of.

Casey Newton (The Verge)

Quick Bits

📘 Articles & Tutorials

Understanding Insertion Sort in Ruby — The fourth installment in a series on sorting algorithms in Ruby. This one might have you dancing…

Julie Kent

Linting Ruby CodeLinting is the process of statically analyzing code and highlighting potential problems, style issues, or sometimes even just cleaning up the formatting.

Miguel Palhas

Build Your Next Admin Panel with Just a Few Lines of Code — Move Rails-fast and build a beautiful, on-premise, ready-to-deploy, ready-to-customize, admin panel in hours not weeks.

Avo Admin for Rails sponsor

A Tour of the Sidekiq API — The creator of Sidekiq walks through various examples of the Ruby API, adding there are definitely calls you want to avoid in production.

Mike Perham

Creating Custom Postgres Data Types in Rails — Every wanted to create a custom data type that was checked by the database? You can, quite easily, and Rails (and the Attributes API) can bring these types cleanly into your application.

Josh Alletto

Benchmarking Ruby 3 with PDF Generation — Here’s a good, non-Rails way to benchmark Rubies, including 2.7, 3.0, and 3.0 JIT. As always, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

Josef Strzibny

▶  Discussing Ruby Garbage Collection with Jemma Issroff — You might recognize Jemma’s name as she writes our frequent Tip of the Week section. Here, though, she’s talking about Ruby’s approach to garbage collection. (37 minutes.)

Rails with Jason Podcast podcast

Heroku Security: Securing Your Heroku Application — A PaaS like Heroku doesn’t take care of everything, so things like security partly fall to you, app dev.

Lou Bichard (Sqreen Blog)

Improving Your IRB Experience with a Custom .irbrc
Josef Strzibny

Rails 7 to Allow Constructor Use Through has_one :through Associations — More on it here.
Mayank Khanna

Creating Contrasting Colors with YIQ and Helper Tests in Rails
Chris Oliver (Go Rails)


Senior Software Engineer (US - Remote-Friendly) — Snapdocs is going through a hyper-growth phase, looking for empathetic Senior Software Engineers as we scale our product and team.

Senior Software Developer — At Clio, we are on a mission to transform the legal experience for all.

Find Ruby Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.

🛠 Code and Tools

yake: A Rake-like DSL for Writing AWS Lambda Handlers — It has a cool Sinatra-esque syntax, too.

Alexander Mancevice

trueMail 2.4.0: A Framework Agnostic Plain Ruby Email Validator/Verifier — Verify email addresses by way of regexes, DNS, SMTP and more. v2.4.0 adds a way to check MX records against blocklists.

Vladislav Trotsenko

Complete Peace of Mind Rails Hosting

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Vessel: Fast High-Level Web Crawling Ruby Framework — Vessel uses Ferrum, the Ruby API based on the Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP), to crawl and parse pages “as fast as Chrome.”


git curate: Peruse and Delete git Branches Ergonomically — Got a repo cluttered with branches here and there? git curate aims to cure the pains of getting those branches back under control.

Matt Harvey

Rolify 6.0: A Role Management Library with Resource Scoping
Florent Monbillard

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