#​582 — December 9, 2021

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Ruby Weekly

Rails 7.0 RC1 is Here to Test Out — Rails 7.0 is almost done and there are some nice new things to check out, such as a brand new JavaScript approach we’ve mentioned a fair bit this year — (Hotwire, no more Webpacker), AR encryption, and NO MORE SPRING (by default anyway!)

David Heinemeier Hansson

DHH: 'The Time Is Right for Hotwire' — DHH talks about the era of the JavaScript-powered ‘single page application’ (SPA) and how Hotwire is both the way of the future and the ‘default frontend answer’ in Rails 7 (above). Exciting times. Get writing those blog posts and tutorials folks :-)

David Heinemeier Hansson

A Complete DevOps Solution for Your Rails App — OpsCare is a DevOps solution for Rails apps. We give you 100% peace of mind Rails hosting and support. Built on our 12-factor stack, we provide deployment, scaling and monitoring tools, so you're in control, and we keep it performing, 24/7.

OpsCare by reinteractive sponsor

A Small Nice Feature Coming in Ruby 3.1, But.. — In Ruby 3.1, due to drop later this month, Ruby gains a JS-esque hash shorthand syntax which would let you do something neat like p a:, b: to show the values of a and b within a hash (e.g. {:a => 10, :b => 20}). Fantastic! But.. there’s a catch if you plan to use this handy shortcut when debugging.

Victor Shepelev

Qeweney: An Alternative Feature-Rich HTTP Request/Response API — The creator of Tipi (a web server built on top of Polyphony) has created a Rack-like API that addresses some of Rack’s weaknesses, including streaming and HTTP upgrades.

Sharon Rosner


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📕 Articles & Tutorials

What the Ampersand in Front of &block Means — A little piece of Ruby's syntax that you may or may not have known, but which makes natural sense (and is useful) once you do.

Jason Swett

▶  Discussing Rails 7, Railties, and Sorbet at Shopify with Rafael França — Rafael from the Rails core team joined the Remote Ruby podcast to talk about how he got into Rails, the Rails/Merb merge (blast from the past!), and the state of the forthcoming Rails 7.

Remote Ruby Podcast podcast

How to Tidy Up Your Routes with only — Tidy routes are happy routes, says Andy, and using only where it’s needed can reduce your app’s attack surface too.

Andy Croll

Put the “Flow” in Your Workflows with Shortcut — Looking for an intuitive white-board style project management tool? Collaboration has never been easier with Shortcut.

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A Rubyist's Walk Along the C-Side: TypedData Objects — The latest in a technical series on creating Ruby extensions with C.

Peter Zhu

▶  Dabbling with Turbo — A 14-minute screencast going through Turbo on Rails 7 alpha 2.

David Kimura

Railway Oriented Programming in Rails with Dry-Monads — An introduction to a more functional programming-esque error-handling mechanism dubbed ‘railway oriented programming’ — first explained in a talk by Scott Wlaschin (a well known F# developer) several years ago.

Abiodun Olowode

The Two Common Ways to Call a Ruby Block
Jason Swett

🛠 Code & Tools

asdf: A Language Agnostic Way to Manage Multiple Versions of Tools — I’m increasingly seeing folks using asdf as a part alternative to something like RVM or rbenv. In my own tests it seems to work pretty well and it supports Node, Elixir, Erlang, and other languages too. v0.9.0 just dropped. GitHub repo.

Akash Manohar J

Styler: A Way to Compose CSS Classes with Ruby — Hmm.. an interesting idea, but I’m not entirely sure. This might appeal to you.

Benito Serna

Wicked: Turn a Rails Controller Into a 'Wizard' — For when you want users to take things step-by-step.


Spend Less Time Debugging and More Time Building with Scout

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Chatwoot 2.0: Simple, Open Source Live Chat Software — A Rails-based alternative to a service like Intercom, say. v2.0 introduces a new commercial ‘enterprise edition’ as well as improved dashboards and IMAP / SMTP integrations.


JRuby Released — The Ruby 2.6.x compatible branch of JRuby has been given some security tweaks and the jffi library has been signed for troublefree use on macOS when running on Apple’s M1 chips.

JRuby Core Team

Regexp::Parser: A Regular Expression Parser Library — For actual tokenizing, parsing and transforming regexes themselves.

Ammar Ali

Spyke: Interact with REST Services in ActiveRecord Style
Jens Balvig

GraphqlRails 2.0: Write GraphQL Server Side in the Rails Way

excon 0.89.0: A Fast, Simple HTTP 1.1 Client for Ruby