#​583 — December 16, 2021

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Ruby Weekly

Rails 7.0 Released: Fulfilling a Vision — Following on more than two years after the release of Rails 6.0, 7.0 is here and it’s a big one. The release notes tell the feature story in a dry way, but in this post DHH outlines the significant changes to areas like the JavaScript story, encrypted attributes, and autoloading, in a more exciting way. Plus, as an added bonus, Rails has a shiny new homepage boasting that Rails “scales from HELLO WORLD to IPO.” 🎉

DHH and Rails Core Team

  📺 ▶️ Rails 7: The Demo – Watch DHH Build a Blog (Again) — It’s time to party like it’s early 2005 when DHH almost seemingly invented the screencast genre with a video showing how easy it was to spin up a simple app with Rails. Over 16 years later, we get a similar video for Rails 7. If you’re not already experienced with Rails 7 and if you learn best though visual experience, it’s well worth a watch.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Secure Redis Hosting for Your Team — RedisGreen includes all the latest features to help you build, along with the security, scaling and performance that teams need as they grow.

RedisGreen sponsor

Extralite: A New Gem for Working with SQLite Databases — SQLite is easily my favorite database, even if it’s not well suited for everything, so it’s great to see a new client for Ruby that offers more performance than sqlite3-ruby, improved concurrency for multithreaded apps, and easier access to data returned from queries. There’s a Sequel adapter too.

Sharon Rosner

Rails and Released — Rails 6.0 and 6.1 have seen a few releases this week culminating in these... though and were security releases to tackle an open redirect vulnerability triggered by maliciously crafted X-Forwarded-Host headers.

Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson



Rails Engineering Manager @ Nebulab (Remote) — Join our distributed team and build high-volume eCommerce applications in a workplace made by developers for developers.

Ruby on Rails Engineer at Apple (Vancouver, Canada) — The Apple Media Products Engineering team is looking for a proven software engineer to build and enhance algorithmic quality evaluation tools.

Find Ruby Jobs Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

📕 Articles & Tutorials

▶  How to Use Kredis with RailsKredis is a library that offers a more Rubyish object oriented way to work with data stored in Ruby. This 14-minute screencast covers its use for creating a ‘recent searches’ feature in an app.

Chris Oliver (GoRails)

The Fastest Way to Load Data Into Postgres from Rails — A look at four approaches from inserting one record at a time (not fast, unsurprisingly) through to custom copy approaches (faster), or using a background job (a lot faster).

Eze Sunday Eze

rb_gc_force_recycle is Deprecated in Ruby 3.1 — This will only affect anyone maintaining a native extension, which is probably a tiny minority of you, but if so...

Peter Zhu

Want to Transfer a Domain with No Downtime? 👀 Our Handy Checklist 👉

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▶  Why Ruby2JS is a Game ChangerRuby2JS is a Ruby to JavaScript transpiler, and Jared argues its main value is in being able to write as if JavaScript had Ruby’s rich syntax and standard library.

Jared White podcast

▶  Discussing the Use of Ractors with Ivo Anjo — The Actor-model-esque parallel execution mechanism turned up in Ruby 3.0 and while you can hit the docs for examples, this podcast episode gives you another angle to come from.

Ruby Rogues Podcast podcast

Dynamic Filters with Rails and Hotwire
Benito Serna

Four Tips on How to Make More Out of Sidekiq
Igor Springer

Making a Single Page Search with Turbo
Tony Rowan

🛠 Code & Tools

Minehunter: Terminal Mine Hunting Game — Tis the season to play some games, perhaps? A fun little Minesweeper-influenced game written in Ruby that you can play on the terminal. Could be fun to tweak too if you have some spare time.

Piotr Murach

Pay: A Payments Engine for Rails Apps — Wraps around other payment APIs (from Stripe, Paddle, and Braintree) and because it was created by Chris Oliver of GoRails fame, there’s an introductory screencast, of course.

Chris Oliver and Contributors

Application Performance Monitoring Built for Developers, by Developers — Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues.

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Rails.new: New Mac to Rails Development in 11 Minutes? — The folks at Bullet Train decided to do something about the setup required to get started with Rails on macOS. They plan on growing the tool and adding a Windows version. (As with any bash | curl type thing, take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes first – it seems to ultimately run this rails.rb file.)

Bullet Train

xferase: An 'Always-On' Automated Photo Import Utility — An interesting use case for Ruby here. It watches for photos added to a file system and then organizes them for import to another system.

Ryan Lue

MemoWise 1.4: A Modern Choice for Ruby Memoization
Panorama Education

angular_rails_csrf: Rails Integration for AngularJS Style CSRF Protection
James Sanders

Loofah 2.13.0: Nokogiri-Powered HTML/XML Manipulation and Sanitization
Mike Dalessio