#​592 — February 24, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

Ruby 3.1.1 Released (But It's a Small One) — It’s the first ‘teeny’ release of Ruby 3.1 meaning it’s basically a big grab bag of bug fixes (including of one that broke collection caching in Rails), tweaks, and minor updates (e.g. RubyGems 3.3.7).

Yui Naruse

How and Where Are Rails Developers Deploying Rails Apps in 2022? — Over on Twitter, we decided to ask our followers how they’re deploying their Rails apps nowadays and got over 110 replies! Heroku, Render, AWS, and using Capistrano to VPSes or bare metal all made multiple appearances – there is truly no one best way.

Ruby Inside on Twitter

Next Level Ruby on Rails Application Monitoring with AppSignal — Let’s run through adding custom instrumentation and monitoring to a Ruby on Rails application. This will give you deeper insights into how your application is behaving.

AppSignal sponsor

Rails Adding Support for Fiber-Safe ActiveRecord ConnectionPools — Rails uses threads for database connections but now there’s a PR that switches the connection pool to use fibers, but there’s still a lot of work to do here.

Swaathi Kakarla



Engineering Positions at Vanilla (Remote/Rails/React) — Hiring across a variety of engineering & product positions. We’re a digital estate planning platform that allows financial advisors to unlock value for clients and prospects alike.

Fully Remote Software Engineering Opportunities at SimpleNexus — Join a collaborative team of software engineers working remotely in a dynamic Ruby on Rails environment at SimpleNexus today.

Find Ruby Jobs Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

📕 Articles & Tutorials

Changing A polymorphic_type in Rails — A look at how a team at Shopify changed how they store one of the polymorphic associations in the Shopify codebase. It’s interesting to see this sort of tweaking of a real world, established system.

Diego Gilon (Shopify)

An Introduction to the ViewComponent Gem — An in-depth look at the popular ViewComponents gem that looks to bring a React-type component approach to Rails views, making them isolated and testable.

Abiodun Olowode (Honeybadger Developer Blog)

Why One of the Creators of Crystal Loves Ruby — One of the creators of Crystal (a Ruby-inspired but statically typed and compiled language) pens six posts on the parts of Ruby that inspired him as he designed a new language.

Ary Borenszweig

Complete Peace of Mind Rails Hosting — If you need hands-off, rock solid hosting for your Rails app, OpsCare is for you. We keep your app running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a worldwide team.

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Why and How to Start with the System Ruby Modular Packages (on Red Hat-esque Distros) — Fedora and other Red Hat derived distros now offer modular packages so you can install, for example, different versions of Ruby without a separate version manager.

Josef Strzibny

How to Get an Engineering Internship at Shopify — As one of the world’s biggest Ruby shops (if not the biggest?) this may be of interest if you’re early in your career.

Nathaniel Quarrie (Shopify)

▶  Cucumber's Founder Aslak Hellesøy on TDD and BDD
Semaphore Podcast podcast

▶  String-Based Templates vs DSLs: The Pros and Cons of Each
Jared White podcast

🛠 Code & Tools

Strings::Truncation 0.1.0: Truncate Strings with Fullwidth Characters and ANSI Codes — If you need to shorten/cutoff some strings, you might want to consider this gem for your toolkit.

Piotr Murach

rack-mini-profiler 3.0: A Profiler for Rack Apps in Dev or Production — A popular piece of middleware that adds a ‘speed badge’ to pages in your app to show off database, call-stack and memory profiling data.

Sam Saffron et al.

pg-osc: Zero Downtime Schema Changes in Postgres — pg-osc is a tool (written in Ruby) for making non-blocking, zero downtime schema changes by way of ‘shadow tables.’ This post provides a quick introduction. GitHub repo.

Shayon Mukherjee

Project Management for Software Teams Has Never Been Easier

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Active Record SQL Server Adapter 7.0: The SQL Server Adapter for Rails — For SQL Server 2012 and newer.

Rails SQL Server

Chewy: A High-Level Elasticsearch Framework — An ODM and wrapper for working with Elasticsearch in a more idiomatically Ruby, developer-friendly way.


Mongoid 7.3.4: Ruby ODM Framework for MongoDB