🇺🇦 #​611 — July 7, 2022

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✍️ A slightly unusual issue forged by the quietness typical of a holiday week in the US (to celebrate Independence Day on Monday 🇺🇸) coupled with a lot of community wide reflecting on how fantastic Ruby and Rails are! So we're going to lean into it – the more technical pieces will hopefully reappear next week. Long may the opportunities to celebrate Ruby last! :-)
Your editor, Peter Cooper

Ruby Weekly

Note: not a particularly accurate depiction of what happened.

Ruby Shield: A Partnership Between Ruby Central and Shopify — Big non-technical news for the Ruby ecosystem! Shopify (not Spotify – I always have to double check 😆) is supporting Ruby Central (responsible for RubyConf and RailsConf, and essential infrastructure like the RubyGems registry) with financial support for at least the next four years to the tune of $1m USD total. Shopify was founded by a prominent Rails developer, is one of Ruby's biggest users, and this is another neat move from them 👍

Ruby Central

👍 Shopify has a post telling its side of the story too, and how it sees Ruby and Rails as '100 year tools' to be supported for the long term.

Fixed Price Monthly Code Maintenance for Rails Apps — No time to do those small but critical updates? If you are struggling to find time, budget or resources to improve your Rails App, we have a fixed price solution to take care of necessary tweaks, bug fixes, upgrades and ongoing improvements with CodeCare. Find out more here.

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Why GitLab is Sticking with Ruby and Rails — Git forge and devops platform GitLab is another big Rails user and still offers a source available version of its core functionality. Here, GitLab’s CEO and co-founder explains why they’re sticking to their so-called ‘boring modular monolith.’

Sid Sijbrandij

Quick Bits:

  • A few goodies are coming to Rails for Postgres users in the shape of optimizations, index validity checking, and exclusion constraint support.

  • I'm not entirely sure what a performance benchmark between Ruby and Crystal is meant to reveal that we didn't already know (statically compiled code is fast!), but this is well presented and the Ruby-like Crystal deserves more recognition, so.. why not.

  • Partly related to the Ruby Shield news (above), Mike Dalessio wrote a Twitter thread reflecting on "how exciting a time it is for Ruby" and linked to some interesting projects not mentioned in his Shopify post above.

📕 Articles & Tutorials

Identifying Slow Rails Queries with sqlcommentersqlcommenter is a Google project defining an approach for ORMs (such as Active Record) to augment queries with information that can be used for profiling and debugging. PlanetScale’s ActiveRecord SqlCommenter brings the idea to Rails.

Coutermarsh and Ekechukwu (PlanetScale)

Ruby Constant Lookup: Compact Style vs. Explicit Nesting — Did you know that it’s a style guide recommendation to define nested modules/classes in long-form format? However, a developer quickly discovered switching styles wasn’t entirely straightforward and an unexpected consequence around constant lookups introduced itself..

Finn-Lennart Heemeyer

Everything You Need to Know About Search in Rails with Postgres (eBook)

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Migrating Rails Cookies to the New JSON Serializer — How to move from Marshal to the new Rails 7 default JSON serializer.

Josef Strzibny

▶  Multifactor Authentication via TOTP with Rodauth — If you’ve never looked into it before, the algorithm behind those time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) is actually reasonably straightforward and you can add such a feature to your own apps without too much hassle, especially if you lean on Rodauth, as here (though I’ve also done it ‘manually’ as an exercise and it’s not too challenging).

Janko Marohnić

How to Get Started with Hotwire in Your Rails App — An introduction to the basics if you haven’t picked up Hotwire so far.

Sapan Diwakar

🛠 Code & Tools

Victor: A Ruby DSL for Building SVG Images — Much as there are libraries to construct XML or HTML using Ruby code, this is for SVG. Write Ruby, save SVG.

Danny Ben Shitrit

Rails’ Hidden Gems - ActiveRecord Store — The latest article in our series spotlighting Rails’ lesser-known gems. Check it out and level-up your Rails game!

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Shale 0.6: Ruby Object Mapper and Serializer for XML, JSON, TOML and YAML — We’ve linked this exciting project a few times recently and it’s coming along nicely. This week’s release adds support for using your own models with its mappers, as well as support for TOML and XML CDATA nodes.

Kamil Giszczak

ActiveRecord Shards 5.0: Sharded Database and Replica Support for AR — For Rails 6.x and higher.


hubspot-api-ruby: A Wrapper for the HubSpot REST API — HubSpot is a popular CRM system and I’m told this gem fell out of date but has now been refreshed up to 2022 standards.

Adrien Siami et al.

drg_material_icons 0.2.0: 100s of Google Material Icons as a Rails EngineGitHub repo.

Damjan Rems


imap-backup 6.0 – Backup GMail (or other IMAP) accounts.
Sidekiq-Cron 1.6 – Scheduler / cron for Sidekiq jobs.
Rack 2.2.4 – The web server interface used everywhere.
Sequel 5.58 – Popular database toolkit.
Good Job 3.0.1 – Multithreaded, Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend.


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