🇺🇦 #​612 — July 14, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

Ruby Evolution: New Ruby Features Added in v2.0 through v3.1 — Victor checks in from Ukraine (where Russia’s invasion continues – here are ways you can help the Ukrainian people) with a handy resource covering the key changes to the Ruby language in versions 2.0 onward. This is a fantastic way to check your knowledge of modern Ruby features and bring yourself up to date where needed. For example, did you know File.readlines has a built-in chomp feature now?

Victor Shepelev

Flaky Tests Slowing You Down? BuildPulse Can Help — BuildPulse automatically detects and tracks flaky tests in your projects so you can stop wasting time chasing broken builds and get back to coding. To top it off, BuildPulse works seamlessly with Ruby, and you can set it up in just a few minutes.

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Strftimes Like These — An online tool for experimenting with strftime date/time formatting, but the interesting part is it runs entirely in the browser with Ruby code running through WebAssembly (which is why it takes several seconds to load, alas). Behind the scenes is Bormaŝino, a tool for creating SPAs with WebAssembly-powered Ruby. GitHub repo.

Bruno Bonamin

Quick Bits:

▶  Profiling-Guided String Representation Optimization in TruffleRuby — A short (7-minutes), beautifully presented, but quite technical talk looking at the use of ropes for optimizing string storage in TruffleRuby.

Veselin Karaganev

▶  React and Hotwire Together: The Best of Both Worlds
Cezar Halmagean (Mix & Go)

An Introduction to RSpec Mocks
Abiodun Olowode

▶  Discussing the Lazy Loading of N+1 Queries
Ruby Rogues Podcast podcast

🛠 Code & Tools

Mittsu 0.4: A 3D Graphics Library for Ruby — A Three.js-inspired Ruby abstraction over OpenGL. Several years old but has just landed an update adding Ruby 3.1 support and antialiasing too. Just ran the example on macOS without any complaints - very easy to get going.

Danielle Smith

Build Your Work Portfolio with Other Rubyists on Polywork — Connect with people based on real projects you've done and what they want to work on.

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Rufus Scheduler: Thread-Based Task Scheduling within a Ruby Process — Got a job you need to run on a regular basis, or at a specific time, in your Ruby app? If your needs are reasonably modest and don’t need an entire, separate background job runner or cron job, this can be very handy.

John Mettraux

CSV Lint 1.0: A CSV Validation Library — Validates basic formatting of CSV data, but can also validate against a schema. This gem also provides the functionality for CSVLint.io, an online CSV tool.

The Data Liberation Front

HTMLProofer 4.0: Test Your Rendered HTML Files — Test for things like image tags having alt tags and valid URLs, link and anchor elements having the right attributes, etc.

Garen Torikian

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

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RR 3.1: A Test Double Framework — Temporarily replace parts of your code during testing (like a stunt double, if you will). GitHub repo.

Brian Takita

Linguist: How GitHub Detects Programming Languages — This project has been around for many years, but continues to get updates and it used at GitHub to work out what programming languages are being used within repos.



Octokit.rb 5.1 – Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API.
iCalendar 2.8 – Work with RFC-5545 iCalendar data.
Actor 3.2 – Composable Ruby service objects.
GoodJob 3.2 – Multithreaded, Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend.
active_hash 3.1.1 – Use a hash as a data source ActiveRecord style.
Rover 0.3.4 – Simple, powerful data frames for Ruby.
Prophet.rb 0.4.2 – Time series forecasting.


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The Receptionist

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