#​627 — November 3, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

Introducing Sidekiq 7.0 — Ruby’s most popular background job execution system gets a major release with some “splendiferous” new features, such as new graphs and metrics, a potential memory-saving embedded mode (more on that next), and lots of internal API changes that may affect your plugins (so do check).

Mike Perham

Sidekiq 7.0's Embedding Feature — Sidekiq is so important we’ll feature it twice! One of the biggest changes in 7.0 is you can embed Sidekiq within another process (e.g. Puma or Passenger). This could make deployment a lot easier if your use case isn't too intensive and allow you to use Sidekiq’s abstractions in a broader range of scenarios.

Mike Perham

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Wrapping Third Party APIs in Service Wrappers to Simplify Your Code — A fantastic problem-driven article demonstrating the value of creating service wrappers to make interactions cleaner, coupling looser, and boundaries clearer.

David Bryant Copeland


  • 📅 RubyConf is on November 29-December 1 in Houston, Texas and there are still tickets available.

  • 📅 If you're nearer to Rhode Island than Texas, did you know Ruby Central is also putting on RubyConf Mini in Providence (over November 15-17)?

  • 🇹🇭 And if you're nowhere near the US, how about RubyConf Thailand? It's in early December, has some great speakers, and we're pretty sure the weather will beat Rhode Island's.

  • Thinking about using the grpc gem? Think twice, says TruffleRuby's Benoit Daloze. Aaron Patterson responded recommending grpc_kit as an alternative.

Effective Queries with Rails and PostgreSQL — Getting data into your database is 😎 but querying is 😕. Learn to write performant SQL queries with EXPLAIN & ANALYZE.

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An Introduction to dry-schema — One of the dry-rb family of libraries, dry-schema offers a faster and more feature-rich alternative to ActiveModel validations that you can use inside or outside of Rails to validate keys, values, and types of your objects.

Abiodun Olowode (Honeybadger)

Histogram Distribution in Ruby is Double Tally — Second order thinking with how to count the frequency of frequencies.

Joël Quenneville (thoughtbot)

Securing Rails Apps with Content Security Policy — Often known as CSP, Content Security Policy is a security layer that tells browsers which origins and domains are considered trustworthy via the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header.

Karol Bąk

Free eBook: Efficient Search in Rails with Postgres

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Why to Use zero? Instead of == 0 — When it comes to Integer, Float, Numeric and BigDecimal anyway. Andy argues it’s more readable and easier to notice when you might typo = 0 instead.

Andy Croll

🛠 Code & Tools

Shale 0.9: Object Mapper and Serializer for XML, JSON, TOML and YAMLAnd now CSV, too. 0.9 adds CSV support, lets you specify version and encoding on XML declarations, and supports converting collections of objects. GitHub repo.

Kamil Giszczak

Spreadsheet Architect 5.0: Create Spreadsheets from Ruby — A gem that enables the creation of CSV and XLSX (through ActiveRecord relations, plain old Ruby objects, or tabular data) has a new release with a breaking change (formula escaping is now on by default).

Weston Ganger

Ruby Transactional Notification Infrastructure Saves Engineering Time

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MiniGL: A Minimal Game Library on Top of Gosu — We’ve linked to it a couple of times over the years, but the author is celebrating passing the 100K download mark this week. Super Bombinhas is the best known game built with it, but if you want to create your own, start with this tutorial series.

Victor David Santos


Senior Ruby Developer — Remote or Hybrid on EST time Zone (Montreal - Canada).

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🔊 Podcast Corner

We noticed we had a few saved up, so...

▶  Discussing ActiveRecord Models — Two developers discuss an issue that arose during a code review: making HTTP requests from within an ActiveRecord model, and how to break that responsibility out into another class.

The Bike Shed

▶  Turbo + Rails == Happiness — A panel discussion about the value of Hotwire's Turbo in building modern Rails apps with Alexandre Ruban, the creator of the HotRails tutorial.

Ruby Rogues

▶  The Pursuit of Mentorship with Meghan Gutshall — Meg is a Rails developer at Penn Medicine – she talks to Brittany about her role as a core team member of Ruby for Good, plus a little on geriatric technology™, mentorship, and coming together over Virtual Coffee.

The Ruby on Rails Podcast

▶  Discussing the Apprenticeship Pattern with Dave Paola — Dave is the founder of Sierra Rails, a dev agency based on the idea that combining Rails with the apprenticeship model can produce big results. An episode for anyone passionate about newer Rails devs finding roles.

The Ruby on Rails Podcast