#​626 — October 27, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

▶  Building a Lightweight IR and Backend for YJIT — Maxime is a compiler developer with a particular interest in JIT compilers and she works on CRuby’s own YJIT at Shopify. This is a technical talk covering some of the recent work particularly around cross-architecture concerns – it’s advanced, but delivered in a way most intermediate Rubyists could follow.

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert

If you'd prefer a quick writeup on YJIT and why it matters, Maxime's own YJIT: Building a New JIT Compiler for CRuby article is a great place to start. Ultimately, performance is the goal.

A Cookbook of Ruby One-Liners — Ruby is a fantastic language for one-liners, whether in IRB or from the command line. We’ve linked to this cookbook before but it continues to prove very useful.

Sundeep Agarwal

Monitor Ruby Application Performance with Magic Dashboards — Let's monitor and fix performance issues within a Ruby on Rails application using magic dashboards.

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Building Passwordless Email Auth in Rails — If you want to add authentication to a Rails app but without storing passwords or relying on third-party OAuth, is there any other solution? Here’s one: a passwordless login system that emails users so-called ‘magic links.’

Justin Searls

Maglev: An Embeddable Page Builder for Rails Apps — Built by the creators of LocomotiveCMS, Maglev adds a page builder into your Rails app (like Elementor in the WordPress ecosystem) complete with a nice UX. (Anyone else remember MagLev, the Ruby implementation?)

Didier Lafforgue


  • Ruby Together's September news roundup notes that a German government-supported 'sovereign tech fund' has chosen RubyGems and Bundler to participate in a new funding program. Danke!

  • ▶️ The RubyKaigi YouTube channel has started to release ▶️ RubyKaigi talk videos – hurrah! We'll link to some highlights in forthcoming issues as we go through them.

  • The latest early access release (EAP4) of the RubyMine 2022.3 IDE is out with a new UI experience (in beta behind a setting).

  • Understand the ternary operator ? Move on : Read this.

Shortcut Brings Product and Engineering Together. Try It for Free — The best issue tracking software is one that software developers are actually happy to use.

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Build a Table Editor with Trix and Turbo Frames in Rails — A tutorial that brings together a few ideas you don’t often see. Creating an editor for tables with ActionText’s Trix editor and Turbo Frames.

Julian Rubisch

Working with Crisp Boundaries“In order to make your classes and methods more understandable, keep your boundaries crisp by accepting the minimum amount of argument information necessary in order to get the job done.”

Jason Swett

🛠 Code & Tools

Truemail 3.0: Framework Agnostic Email Validator/Verifier — Verify email addresses by way of regexes, DNS, SMTP and more. v3.0 adds a way to specify addresses to always be allowed/blocked.

Vladislav Trotsenko

Jekyll 4.3.0: Ruby's Long Standing Static Site Generator — There might be a lot more options now (e.g. Bridgetown or Hugo) but Jekyll is still highly capable and well updated as a SSG, as this release proves.

Jekyll Maintainers

Is Your Ruby App Slow? Optimize Your Performance with Tune Report

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ValidatesTimeliness 6.0: Enhanced Date and Time Validation — A validation plugin for ActiveModel and Rails that supports multiple ORMs, custom date/time formats, and handles timezones for you.

Adam Meehan

Textbringer 1.2: An Emacs-Like Text Editor Written in Ruby — Projects like this often fizzle out, but we first linked this almost six years ago in issue 344 and it’s great to see it continue to grow (even if we’re not on team Emacs.. shh..)

Shugo Maeda

Maxitest 4.2: Minitest, Plus All The Features You Always Wanted.. — Like what? Well, let's count the ways.. but there's the ability to quickly stop tests, support for multiple before and after blocks, and around blocks, for starters.

Michael Grosser

Fixed Price Monthly CodeCare, Maintenance and Upgrades for Rails Apps


Alba 2.0: The Fastest JSON Serializer for Rubyv2 is billed as the ‘Kaigi on Rails’ edition to celebrate the creator’s involvement in that event – here’s the actual changelog and GitHub repo.

Masafumi Okura


Backend Ruby on Rails Engineer (Remote) — ISMS․online helps organizations worldwide become more secure. We're seeking an experienced backend engineer to join us. Candidates must be in a GMT-4 to GMT+4 timezone.

Find Ruby Jobs Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

🤔 It's not a job, but we saw Planet Argon publish Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers: How We Do It this week, and it may be useful for your research whichever side of the table you're on.