#​632 — December 8, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

In Memory of a Giant: Chris Seaton — It is with much sadness that the Ruby community learnt about the death of Chris Seaton last weekend. Chris worked for Shopify, but was well known as the founder of the TruffleRuby implementation while at Oracle, for being the first(?) Ruby doctor (his PhD thesis about Ruby is here), and generally being an interesting and helpful guy. Justin Searls has posted a tribute post of his own, as has Brandon Weaver.

Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson

If you are feeling bereft or devoid of hope, please seek a friendly ear to speak with.

Ruby 3.2.0 RC 1 Released — If you like your Ruby versions to be fully cooked, you’ll need to wait two more weeks, but RC 1 is looking good. There aren’t many changes since preview 3, though YJIT continues to improve and this post includes new graphs showing the (huge) benefits of 3.2’s improved regexp matching algorithm.

Yui Naruse

How to Scale Ruby on Rails Applications — Check out some ways to scale your Ruby on Rails applications, including caching and background workers.

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📕 Articles, Videos, and Opinions

Taking a First Look at Hanami 2 — We’ve mentioned Hanami a couple of times over the last few issues, but it’s worth another mention thanks to this article that explains some features in a bit more depth. (Also, Hanami 2.01 is out.)

Paweł Świątkowski (AppSignal)

How I Developed a Faster Ruby Interpreter — Vladimir is the creator of MIR, a JIT compiler used in several languages, and wrote this post to address how YJIT’s success can be used to make a faster compiler. Needless to say, this is a very technical post.

Vladimir Makarov

The Developer’s Guide To Building Notification Systems — So your CTO has just handed you a project to revamp your product’s notification system. What are the best practices?

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Implementing Social Login in Rails with Rodauth — How to add social login to an existing Rails app that’s using Rodauth, and extend the default behaviour with some custom logic.

Janko Marohnić

Percent % Notation in Ruby — If you think you know all the functionality and variations of percent literals (a la %w{a b c}), this might throw up some surprises. %x(echo read this on `date`)

Faranz (DeepSource)

Is Your Rails App Slow? Get a Performance Audit to Speed Up Your App

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What I Learned From Pairing by Default
Eve Ragins

Understanding N+1 Query Problems in Rails
Gavin Morrice

🛠 Code & Tools

ruby-cli-boilerplate: Zero-Dependency Ruby CLI Boilerplate Code — Creating a simple CLI could have you reaching for a CLI framework, but this repository gives you another option complete with specs and zero dependencies.


Semgrep 1.x: Lightweight Static Analysis for Many Languages — Semgrep is a CLI to analyze code locally and has a load of pre-built rules, a community making more, and a playground to give it a quick try. It’s fast and used by the likes of GitHub and Hashicorp. It’s not written in Ruby but Ruby is one of the languages it supports.


Need to Upgrade Your Rails App but Don't Have the Time or Resources? We Can Help

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Software Development Educator — DPI (Full Time, Hybrid, Chicago) — Got a passion for software development, beginner focused education, and social impact? Join us in our mission to transform lives and diversify tech talent.
Discovery Partners Institute — University of Illinois System

Find Ruby Jobs Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

🔠 Well That's Useful

Coding Font: A 'Game' to Find Your New Favorite Code Font — This is a fun idea. It throws a bunch of popular developer-oriented fonts into a knockout ‘tournament’ format. You then pick your favorites until you’re left with a winner, World Cup style. (It was Cousine for me this time.)