#​633 — December 15, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

What's New in Ruby 3.2's IRB? — Still a fundamental part of Ruby, the IRB ‘Interactive Ruby’ prompt now lives in its own repo and has its own release schedule. Nonetheless, v1.6 will be Ruby 3.2’s included version and has a variety of enhancements to keep an eye on.

Stan Lo

⏰ It's just ten days till Ruby 3.2's final release.. 🎁

Read This Post 'Unless' You're Not A Ruby Developer — Does the double negative in the title mean we should or shouldn't read it? This is exactly the kind of confusion this post is criticizing, suggesting that the unless keyword be tossed away. Ouch. Controversial.

Jesse Duffield

Just Postgres. Made for Developers — Fully-managed, cloud hosted Postgres plans starting at $10 a month. Everything you need from backups and HA to database insights and connection scaling. Available on AWS, Heroku, Azure, and GCP. Sign-up today and find out why developers love us.

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A Look at Rails’ Safety Mechanisms — While you’re likely aware of most or all of these, it’s an excellent refresher and reference for things like strong parameters, encrypted credentials, and other bits of Rails "magic."

Jason Charnes (PlanetScale)


  • As much as Shopify loves and supports Ruby, they're embracing Rust too, taking on Rust as their official systems programming language, and joining the Rust Foundation. They talk about the contrast between Ruby and Rust in the post too.

  • A 🐦 very neat example of some Ruby 3.2-flavored code from Victor Shepelev. Equally readable and modern.

  • First Ruby Friend is a worthwhile program to pair up experienced Rubyist mentors and new Rubyists.

  • Kevin Newton's fascinating Advent of YARV series has continued with a look at the internals behind global variables, constants and class and instance variables.

👾  Building Games with DragonRuby — The DragonRuby Game Toolkit is a Ruby implementation/framework for building 2D games and other graphical experiences. This online book walks through creating a simple game (that you can even play in the browser) and all the steps involved. Maybe a fun project for the holidays?

Brett Chalupa

📕 Articles, Videos, and Opinions

Elixir-Style Pipelines in 9 Lines of Ruby — This is definitely a refined (ed: groan..) approach to pipelines, also using currying to give a nice syntax but a potential debugging headache.

Greg Navis

How to Use Alpine.js with Rails and Turbo — We liked Simon’s own description: “For apps not needing Stimulus.js and just using Turbo, the Alpine.js framework offers the right amount of JavaScript to make your apps sparkle.” This is a nice introduction, and Alpine.js is a neat library providing quite a light attribute-driven touch to interactivity.

Simon Chiu

Ready for Ruby 3.2? Need to Upgrade but Don’t Have Time? We Can Help! — We specialize in Ruby/Rails tech debt. Last year we upgraded SoundCloud’s app (Ruby 1.9 to 2.7 and Rails 2.3 to 6.1) 🎶

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How to Deploy Rails and Sidekiq to RenderRender is one of a new generation of Heroku-like hosting options (along with Fly.io and Railway).

Josef Strzibny

▶  Discussing MJIT, YJIT and.. HAML with Takashi Kokubun — Shopify’s Takashi Kokubun is one of the main players in Ruby’s modern JIT story.

Ruby Rogues podcast

▶  Vanilla Rails is Plenty with 37signals' Jorge Manrubia — Jorge’s post about the virtues of ‘vanilla’ Rails provoked a fair bit of discussion last month – now he’s discussing the topic with Jason Swett.

The Code with Jason Podcast podcast

▶  A Twitch Livestream of Building a Ruby App with Hanami and ROM — Over two hours long, but a great way to see how the Hanami app sausage gets made.

Jason Charnes

Free eBook: Advanced Database Programming with Rails and Postgres

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How to Fix Rails 6.1 'Initialization autoloaded the constants' Warning Messages — Everyone loves a good old deprecation warning 😏
Stefanni Brasil

Modelling Your Public Static Pages as Resources in Rails Apps
Rich Steinmetz

🛠 Code & Tools

Smashing: A Sinatra Based Framework for Dashboards — Billed as the ‘spiritual successor’ to Dashing, a Shopify project, Smashing is designed for creating dashboards that look good on big screens (such as a TV in your office). A Ruby DSL is used to fetch data from various sources, and you get a drag and drop interface for laying out the dashboard.

Smashing Community

Phlex 1.0: A Component-Oriented View Framework — Miss the Ruby-centric approach to views first espoused by _why’s Markaby? This is for you. Phlex lets you treat everything on a Web page as a distinct component and manage them all as plain old Ruby objects. There’s a ERB to Phlex converter you can play with to see how it looks. GitHub repo.

Joel Drapper

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

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ValidationErrors: Track ActiveRecord Validation Errors — If keeping track of validation errors would be useful for you, this gem is ready to help.

Alessandro Rodi

Tonic: Transform Your 'Collection' into a Static Site — If you have a YAML or JSON-based collection of things and you want to sort and filter it easily, try Tonic. The demo site might help you get the idea better.

Marc Anguera Insa


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