#​635 — January 5, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

Ruby 3.2.0 Released — It’s here! As is the tradition, the latest release of Ruby arrived on Christmas Day (but we took a couple of weeks off). 3.2 is from another dimension, allegedly, and packed with lots of cool stuff:

  • The Data class is a new core class for representing simple immutable value objects. It was originally proposed by Victor Shepelev who has written about its design here.
  • YJIT is no longer experimental and, as we'll see later, yields a nice performance boost in numerous scenarios.
  • An initial level of WASI-based WebAssembly support. Ruby running on WASM-based serverless platforms? Yes. Running in the browser? Yes. Expect to see more of this in 2023.
  • As part of the WASM support, there's a VFS built on top of WASI so apps can be packed into a single .wasm file.
  • Extra protections against inefficient regexes, including Regexp.timeout
  • Improved error highlighting and suggestions.
  • Anonymous rest and keyword rest arguments can be passed as arguments.
  • The find pattern is no longer experimental.

Yui Naruse

Rails Upgrades You Can Depend On — Upgrade Ruby & Rails confidently, without disrupting ongoing feature development or production operations. Have you ever wondered how Big Rails™ companies like Shopify or GitHub upgrade major versions with zero downtime? Click here to find out how.

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Tenderlove's 2022 Ruby and Rails Reflections and Predictions — A late Christmas treat! Ruby and Rails core team member (and generally lovely chap) Aaron Patterson recaps his favorite Ruby and Rails updates from 2022 and issues some hopeful predictions for this year.

Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson

🚂 Over on the official Rails blog, Greg Molnar has also presented This Year in Rails, a summary of 2022 if you want to catch up with the last year in Railsland.


  • 📅 Want to get some Ruby events on your calendar for 2023? RubyKaigi is in Japan on May 11-13, RailsConf is in Atlanta, GA on April 24-26, and RubyConf AU is in Melbourne, Australia on Feb 15-17.

  • 🎤 Drew Bragg ▶️ has a fun hour-long interview with Ruby internals expert Kevin Newton discussing the new YARP Ruby parser amongst other things.

  • Talking of Kevin Newton, he finished his Advent of YARV series – it's basically a 24 episode tour of the CRuby virtual machine.

  • RailsApps․org was a popular site with Rails starter scripts, install instructions, and more, but it's now 'resting in peace' - here's its obituary.

  • The latest RubyGems (v3.4.0) requires Ruby 2.6+ but now cleans up intermediate files after installing extensions, plus it'll tell you when it's out of date.

📕 Tutorials, Articles & Features

Benchmarking Ruby 2.6 to 3.2 — Thomas runs his annual Ruby benchmarks using HexaPDF, Kramdown, and geom2d. The results are encouraging, especially when YJIT is enabled in Ruby’s latest version.

Thomas Leitner

Benchmarking Ruby 3.2 with YJIT — More 3.2 benchmarking, this time using Hanami and some of the dry-rb gems with a somewhat unexpected result that should make you happy about how Ruby’s performance is trending.

Peter Solnica

Ready for Ruby 3.2? No Time to Upgrade? Let the Experts Do It for You

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'I Wrote a Ruby Extension in Zig' — If Rust just doesn’t vibe with you as a systems language, Zig is an interesting, more C/C++-oriented alternative.

Paweł Świątkowski

Reliving Your Happiest HTTP Interactions with VCR — VCR is a Ruby library that records HTTP interactions and plays them back to your test suite in a more deterministic way.

Stephen Prater

Be Careful with Time Durations in Rails — ActiveSupport offers some great time and date helpers, like 3.months.from_now, but they can surprise you (in a bad way) if you’re not aware of how they work, so start the new year by handling months correctly.

Jonathan Miles (Honeybadger)

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

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▶  Discussing How We Hire Junior Developers with Andy Croll

The Ruby on Rails Podcast podcast

How to Alias Your Mastodon Username to Your Own Domain with Jekyll
Phil Nash

🛠 Code & Tools

Announcing the Ronin 2.0.0 Open Beta — Ronin, a “toolkit for security research and development” has undergone a “Big Refactor” and is now asking for Rubyists to kick the tires through the month of January.

Hal Brodigan

  • Opal 1.7
    ↳ Ruby to JavaScript transpiler.

  • Faker 3.1
    ↳ Library to generate fake data on demand.

  • Xsv 1.2
    ↳ Pure Ruby XLSX (Excel) parser.

💓 Can Your Error Tracker Monitor Heartbeats? 💓 — Honeybadger also monitors your cron jobs, services or *anything* else you can think of so they don't silently disappear.

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Jekyll Sass Converter 3.0
Hanami 2.0.2
Puma 6.0.2
RubyMine 2022.3.1
RubyGems 3.4.0 through 3.4.2


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