#​636 — January 12, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

From Ruby to Node: Overhauling Shopify’s CLI — Aw, Shopify.. we thought you loved only us (and Rust)! In this post, a Shopify engineer explains why they took a different route with Shopify’s CLI app by rewriting it in Node. There are numerous reasons, though easier cross-platform packaging was a big motivation.

Pedro Piñera (Shopify)

Some More of What's New in Ruby 3.2 — Our previous issue was essentially dedicated to Ruby 3.2, but if you want a quick, accessible ‘here’s a few interesting things in Ruby 3.2’ post, this is for you.

Nithin Bekal

❤️ Postgres — You need a database provider that loves Postgres as much as you do. We'll take care of all the hassle - monitoring, backups, HA, disaster recovery so you don't have to. Want amazing support? We'll be there when you have questions.

Crunchy Bridge sponsor

Ruby WebAssembly Todo App Example — A fun example with editable code in the browser that you can change and rebuild on the fly. Yes, Ruby is running entirely in the browser here (at the cost of an 8MB WASM payload).

Adam Hess

▶  Don't Sleep on Ruby and Rails — Justin Searls joined Jerod Santo and Adam Stacoviak to share his enthusiasm for Rails 7, Turbo and Stimulus (in particular) and how the modern Rails approach stands up so well in 2023.

The Changelog podcast


📕 Tutorials, Articles & Features

'My First Code Commit in Ruby' — The story behind Kevin’s small (but not insignificant) contribution to Ruby may inspire you to dig a bit deeper, share your own knowledge, and end up contributing in ways you didn’t expect.

Kevin Murphy

An Easily Overlooked Way to Break Eager Loading in Rails Apps — If you think using includes means you’re safe from N+1 queries, think again. There are many ways to introduce these errors into your app if you aren’t careful.

Paweł Urbanek

Rails Upgrades You Can Depend On

upgraderails.com sponsor

▶  A Different Way to Think About Rails Models — Models in Rails don’t have to be derived from Active Record, or even involve a database at all. Jason thinks about other ways to model concepts in your apps. (28 minutes.)

Jason Swett

▶  Ruby on Wasm: Is This The Future? — Real Ruby in the browser everywhere? Not exactly, but Ruby’s WebAssembly developments are exciting for sure. (20 minutes.)

Jared White podcast

Creating a Business Language for a Rails App — Building and processing a DSL to extend a Rails app's functionality.

Paweł Świątkowski

What If Writing Tests Were a Joyful Experience? — Jane Street’s developers use ‘expect tests’ to make writing tests easier. They’re using OCaml, but the idea is interesting and the author makes a comparison with RSpec and how a Ruby equivalent could look.

James Somers (Jane Street)

Free eBook: Advanced Database Programming with Rails and Postgres

pganalyze sponsor

Testing Rails Loggers with Minitest — Not something you might usually consider testing, admittedly.

Rich Steinmetz

Effective and Easy Strategies to Hate Bugs a Little Less
Pier-Luc Faucher

🛠 Code & Tools

YouPlot: A Command Line Tool That Draw Plots on the Terminal — A sweet little Ruby-powered tool. The underlying plotting library is Unicode Plot if you want to pull off similar feats from your own code.

Red Data Tools

Free Website Speed Test: Does Your Site Meet Google's Core Web Vitals? — Get an in-depth technical analysis of your site and learn how to make it fast. Rank higher in Google & deliver great UX.

DebugBear sponsor

Koala 3.4: Ruby Library for Facebook's APIs — If you need to work with Facebook’s Graph, Marketing or Atlas APIs, this is for you.

Alex Koppel


Curious How Great Products Get Made? — Come help us craft the operating system for modern manufacturing.

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