#​638 — January 26, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

My Adventure With Async Ruby — How a developer used the async gem to speed up a portion of his app. It’s a fantastic library, but we agree that it could do with getting more docs and write-ups, like this very post.

Matheus Richard

Rails on Docker — A line-by-line explanation of the “official” Rails Dockerfile that is coming in 7.1. While there are sure to be changes before it’s released, this is a handy way to grok the purpose of each line in the file and whether it’ll suit your setup.

Brad Gessler (Fly․io)

🔠 Add CSV Import to Your App with UseCSV — Learn how to use our JS plugin and API to give your users a delightful data import experience. Smart auto-column matching and validation rules included. Results are sent to your app as a webhook or frontend callback.

USECSV.COM sponsor

▶  Getting to One Million Users as a One-Woman Dev — This is a fantastically recorded, well-delivered talk from someone who built a Goodreads-alternative called The StoryGraph on top of Rails. After all these years, it’s fun to see Rails presented as the simple “boring answer” to building a productive Web app :-)

Nadia Odunayo

🎤 Prefer a podcast? Nadia went on Remote Ruby and spoke more freely about her path and how she got into public speaking too.

Packing a Ruby 3.1.3 App into a Single Executable — Eric took Ruby Packer, a tool for packing a Ruby app into a single executable, and created a fork that works with Ruby 3.1. It’s early days and there’s a bit of hoop jumping to do, but it’s a promising step forward.

Eric Beland


📕 Tutorials, Articles & Features

Ruby GraphQL Field Notes — If, like Ryan, you’re a fan of GraphQL then you’ll certainly benefit from this list of tips based on his experience supporting production apps and APIs.

Ryan Bigg

An Overview of Rails 7.1 Features — A three-part series on all the new in Rails 7.1, and there is a lot of it. All told, Emmanuel covers sixty new items, so get a cuppa and start figuring out what these changes mean to your app.

Emmanuel Hayford

Need to Upgrade Your Rails App but Don’t Have the Time or Resources? We Can Help

reinteractive Pty Ltd sponsor

Calling Ruby Methods in C: Avoiding Memory Leaks — Discover how you can avoid memory leaks in your C extension by using functions like rb_protect.

Ulysse Buonomo

Server-Side Request Forgery and Rails — An explanation of Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) and some ways to mitigate it where Ruby apps are involved.

Greg Molnar

How GoodJob's Cron Does Distributed LocksGood Job is a Postgres-based Active Job backend. This post explains how it uses locks to ensure scheduled jobs only run once and at the right time.

Ben Sheldon

Using 'Pure Models' in Migrations — An interesting approach to keeping your migrations and models isolated.

Tom Rothe (Netskin)

RubyMine: New UI, Powerful Debugger, Best RBS, RSpec, and JS Support

JetBrains sponsor

Why to Only Use Locals in View Partials
Andy Croll

Replaying Events in RailsEventStore
Łukasz Reszke

🛠 Code & Tools

EngTagger: English Language Part-of-Speech Tagger Library — A probability based, corpus-trained tagger that assigns POS (Part of Speech) tags to English text. A Ruby port of Perl’s Lingua::EN::Tagger.

Yoichiro Hasebe

Mapkick: Create Beautiful JavaScript Maps with One Line of Ruby — This is brilliant if you need a map in your Ruby or Rails apps, and it supports many options around markers, tooltips, controls, and more.


Elevate Your Systems Performance with TelemetryHub — Unlock insights and optimize performance with our advanced monitoring and analytics solution. Improve uptime and efficiency with TelemetryHub.

TelemetryHub by Scout sponsor

Adventure on the Bonny Slope with Bridgetown 1.2 — The popular Ruby-based progressive site generator and full-stack framework has its first big release of the year featuring a new plugin configuration format, slotted content, easier access to data, and more.

Jared White

RGeo 3.0 Released: A Geospatial Data Library — Implements the industry standard OGC Simple Features Specification for representing objects like points, lines and polygons along with a set of operations. The examples in the documentation will give you an idea as to its use.

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