#​639 — February 2, 2023

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Generating a Rust Based Gem Skeleton with Bundler — Bundler 2.4 (more on that below) can now generate a Rust-oriented skeleton for developing gems by way of a new --ext=rust argument. Josef walks through what’s produced here. We look forward to seeing even more Rust powered extensions as time goes by and this will only help.

Josef Šimánek

Bundler 2.4 Released — The new PubGrub resolver algorithm is more than a fantastic name, it’s smarter, faster, and has better error messages. A big release for such a fundamental part of the Ruby experience.

David Rodríguez et al.

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Super Standard: How to Add Gem Extensions and Custom Rules to 'Standard Ruby'Standard aims to be the “one bike shed to rule them all” for Rubocop configuration and, before this release, that shed only came in one size. However, now you can add other tools to the shed, which is nice.

Justin Searls (Test Double)

Ronin 2.0.0: Ruby's Security Research Toolkit — An ecosystem of projects covering areas as diverse as crafting SQL injections, running exploits, mutating data, making HTTP requests, and performing other vulnerability testing tasks. It has a great FAQ that fleshes out the story more.

Hal Brodigan et al.


📕 Tutorials and Articles

Basic Business Intelligence on Rails with Blazer — BI tools are expensive, but Blazer is free and has a lot of nice features, like smart columns, caching, forecasting, and tons of chart types. If you’re just getting started with BI, start here or check out Blazer's live demo.

Ana Nunes da Silva (Honeybadger)

On Nested Modules — Ruby provides two different ways to define nested modules. This post explains the difference between them and how to decide which one to use. It also explains the Module.nesting method which returns the list of modules nested when called.

Akshay Khot

Is Your Ruby App Slow? Time for a Tune Up

FastRuby.io | Ruby and Rails Upgrade Services sponsor

How to Bundle Assets in a Rails Engine — The author of Avo Admin shares what they’ve learned about including assets cleanly.

Adrian Marin

▶  Accessing Named Capturing Groups Outside of a Regex — Quick tip in a 100 second video.


Spin Up Your Hanami Apps Easily with Hanamismith — There are a bunch of offerings around templated, preconfigured Rails apps and now there is one for Hanami too. (Hanami 2.0.3 has just dropped, BTW.)

Seb Wilgosz (Hanami Mastery)

How to Set Up Rails, Redis, and Postgres with Docker Compose in 2023
Gustavo Inzunza

Fantastic Global Methods in Ruby and Where to Find Them
Dmitry Tsepelev

🛠 Code & Tools

Single Cov 1.8: Actionable Code Coverage — Catch coverage issues on every test run.

Michael Grosser

⭐️  This Gem is MentionableMentionable is a gem that provides support for inbound Webmentions and microformats in Rails apps, and it’s neat to see a gem author explain their intentions so transparently as in this post.

Caleb Hearth

Will Your Users Be in the Dark the Next Time Your App Is Down? 🤨 — Our status pages let you report incidents in real time and schedule alerts for planned maintenance. Check it out.

Honeybadger sponsor

pgslice: Postgres Partitioning 'As Easy As Pie' — A tool that can either generate or generate and execute the required SQL statements to partition either new or existing tables with nothing to install server-side.

Andrew Kane

Groupdate 6.2: A Simple Way to Group Temporal Data — For example, to group data by day, week, hour, etc.

Andrew Kane

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

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Remote Forever: Ruby on Rails Frontend Engineer — We need help creating features and solving issues for our app. Join a small agile Ruby on Rails shop within a Fortune 185 company.

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