#409 — July 26, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Pundit 2.0 Released: The Pure Ruby Authorization Library — The extremely popular ‘minimal authorization’ library reaches 2.0. Here’s the changelog.


Tweaking Ruby's Global Method Cache — The global method cache is one of the ways Ruby speeds up method lookups, so how much can we gain by tweaking its settings? (Hint: A little, but not a lot.)

Noah Gibbs

Ruby, Meet Rollbar — Detect errors in your production Ruby apps with our lightweight SDK, then debug them within minutes before your users notice. Get unlimited errors during your free trial.

ROLLBAR sponsor

My Favorite Parts of Ruby — This is one of those great long posts into the recesses of the edges of Ruby and how many of these edges are not in line with the language itself.

Ilya Bylich

Faker: The Library for Generating Fake Data — We link this long standing library every now and then when it gets new releases. It’s becoming almost comically thorough now, with over 140 categories of data able to be synthesized.

Benjamin Curtis

Speeding up the Docker Image Build Process of a Rails App — A very detailed post on how reusing the caches for Bundler and precompiled assets can speed up the Docker image building process for a Rails app.

Vishal Telangre

💻 Jobs

Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer (Remote or New York, NY) — Seeking experienced Rails developers (full-time or contract) to build great products for startups. Remote friendly and sane hours.

Tanooki Labs

Find A Ruby Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Painlessly Managing Long Running Processes in Your Views — The post uses Fie, which we linked to in issue 405 to update a view using a permanent WebSocket connection.

Eran Peer

Blog Series: Continuous Delivery of Microservices - Parts 1 - 4 — A guide on CD of microservices: testing strategies, trunk based development, feature toggles and more.

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Adding Authorization to Sinatra with Pundit — And since Pundit just released a new version, here’s a fresh tutorial showing you how to use it.

Dan Carpenter

Ruby 2.6 Adds Binding#source_location — An easy way to grab the source location of a binding.

Taha Husain

Hiding .gemrc Credentials in Dotfiles — A quick and easy way to keep your private gem server credentials from being published.

Bradley Schaefer

Making Ruby Yours with the pretty_ruby Gem — The pretty_ruby gem brings some interesting convenient syntax tweaks to Ruby via refinements.

Jonah Goldstein

11 Books Every Ruby on Rails Developer Should Read — Hard to argue with this list.


🔧 Code & Tools

TTY::Box: Draw Frames and Boxes in Your Terminal Window — We’re getting some serious DOS-era UI vibes from this.

Piotr Murach

TypedRuby: A Gradual Static Type Checker for Ruby — You can apply type annotations gradually across your code to help catch errors before they make it into production.


Get the Latest Ubuntu 18.04 Tutorials for Ruby

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FastJsonapi: A Super-Fast JSON:API Serializer for Ruby Objects — A new release (1.3) is out with support for conditional attributes, conditional relationships, and sparse fieldsets.


Crystalball: Run Only the Specs You Need to Run — Implements the Regression Test Selection mechanism.


OpenStreetMap: Ruby Gem for OpenStreetMap API Integration

JungleCoders Ltd.

graphql-ruby: A Ruby Implementation of Facebook's GraphQL

Robert Mosolgo

Terraforming: Export Existing AWS Resources to Terraform Style

Daisuke Fujita