#490 — February 27, 2020

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Ruby Weekly

Introducing Hanami::APIHanami is an interesting Ruby webapp framework that’s been steadily growing in popularity over the past couple of years, and now it has an even smaller, API-focused variant aimed at being a minimal, extremely fast, lightweight Ruby framework for HTTP APIs. The benchmarks are alluring and its approach won’t be too shocking to existing Sinatra users, say.

Luca Guidi

AWS Lambda Now Supports Ruby 2.7 — If you want to deploy serverless functions on AWS Lambda, you can now do so with the latest Ruby version. It’s nice to see that after years of not being able to use Ruby at all, Lambda has picked up the latest release just weeks on.

Benjamin Smith

Get the Most Out of Redis — Seamless scaling, memory usage maps, key size tracking, and other detailed analytics make RedisGreen the easiest way to ensure you’re getting the most from your Redis deployment.

RedisGreen sponsor

Sonic Pi 3.2 (Tau): The Ruby-Powered Live Coding Music Synth — I love Sonic Pi. It’s an amazing educational (and entertainment) tool for building up music, in code, in real time. 3.2 is the first significant release in two years and is supported by donations via Sam’s Patreon. Never seen Sonic Pi in action? Check out this talk.

Sam Aaron

RubyKaigi 2020 Schedule Revealed — The schedule for the RubyKaigi 2020 conference, taking place in April in Nagano, Japan, has just gone live.


Happy Birthday, Ruby! — Ruby turned 27 this week

Yukihiro Matsumoto

💻 Jobs

Seeking Rails-Experienced Front End Lead Developer — Workarea is shaping the future of commerce. Join our fresh, progressive approach to enterprise ecommerce.


(Senior) Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f/x) — Work with us on a product that has a real impact in an amazing environment with personal educational budget and 30 days vacation.


Find a Dev Job Through Vettery — Vettery is completely free for job seekers. Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

How to Test Static Sites with RSpec, Capybara, and Webkit — Are you using Jekyll or some other static site framework? Do you have automated tests for it? RSpec and Capybara make it easy.

Josef Strzibny

Rails Mistakes That Could Break Your Production Servers — Most of these are around issues with the database. I can attest to exhausting the database pool, which made for a baaaad weekend.

Paweł Urbanek

Rails Has Added a 'Strict Loading' Mode to Prevent Lazy Loading — When enabled, strict loading mode will raise an error when you load associations without an explicit includes. Or.. “helps in avoiding N + 1 that might be otherwise missed.”

Rohit Kumar

▶  Writing Ruby for the Apple II with Colin Fulton — Well this certainly isn’t a Ruby topic you hear about every day! :-)

Ruby Rogues Podcast podcast

eBook: How Atlassian and Others Are Optimizing Their Postgres Query Performance

pganalyze sponsor

Using 'Pending' Cops in Rubocop to Make Upgrades Easier — Whenever a new version of Rubocop comes out, there are always some new cops, but if your code isn’t compatible with them, you might not want Rubocop getting angry straight away :-)

Prathamesh Sonpatki

Rubynetes: Reflecting with OpenAPI — The last entry in a series on managing Kubernetes with Ruby (we linked to the first post in issue 488).


Deep Dive Into rackup — There is a fair amount of magic involved in this command, including the liberal use of eval.

Hrvoje Šimić

Partitioning Parallel Tests On Heroku CI

Hrvoje Šimić

🛠 Code and Tools

Better Errors: A 'Better Error Page' for Rack Apps — Replaces the standard error page in Rails (or adds an error page to your other Rack-based apps) with something more useful and informative.

Robin Daugherty

An Advanced Cross-Platform IDE for Ruby and Rails — Great code assistance, a smart debugger, safe refactorings, and JS support – RubyMine by JetBrains.

JetBrains sponsor

Rpush 5.0: A Push Notification Service for Ruby — A long standing project. Rpush supports numerous push notification services including those from Apple, Firebase, and Amazon.

Ian Leitch

will_paginate 3.3: A Pagination library for Rails, Sinatra, and More — Ruby 2.7 and Rails 6 compatible, the latest v3.3 drops Ruby 1.9 compatibility and adds support for SQL Server.

Mislav Marohnić

acts_as_list 1.0: An ActiveRecord Plugin for Managing Lists

Brendon Muir

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